Dear Victoria,

You might not always see it, but you’re kind of a big deal.

Burgh Brides is the big ass yellow bridge connecting the Pittsburgh wedding community. Without it, we’d be sprawling with no sense of direction (there’s a South Hills joke in here somewhere), and no one to hashtag! I’d call you an influencer…but we’d both just roll our eyes.

After five years of growing and leading that community—online and off—you’ve earned some bragging rights.

For this Bash, there’s no need to raise the bar: You are the bar! Whether you choose to keep it chill, host a blowout, or send Baby Deardorff on your behalf, Dec. 5 will celebrate five years of what you’ve created, and the passionate brides, grooms, and vendors along for the ride.

Okay, okay, I’m done fan-girling. I’m thrilled to help plan this event with you. Here’s your proposal!


Your Planning Proposal

Vibe: 5th Annual birthday party for Burgh Brides! While there’s lots of buzz and expectations, we want to keep the evening authentic to the community/brand and throw a fun party for everyone. We want guests to feel welcome the moment they arrive, encourage new friendships/collaborations/conversation, and send them home with bomb Instagram photos.

Victoria’s goal for the night: “Bigger and better than 2018.” LMAO DONE.

Venue Leads:

The Roxian Theatre
Pros: Brand-new, gorgeous, plenty of parking, HUGE space with multiple levels.
Cons: Still establishing themselves as a wedding venue, bar/alcohol may be costly. ‘Blowout’ vibes, may be too much to top.
Next steps: Heather to set up walk through with Irie Events and venue staff. Provide fact sheet/stats about Burgh Brides and Bash event.

Pittsburgh Opera
Pros: Versatile, large ‘all in one’ space, YOUR wedding venue(!), very established
Cons: Parking, always fully booked (incentive for venue?)
Next steps: Victoria to e-mail Sean about benefits/interest before walk through.

Spirit Hall
Pros: Offbeat space, not as popular, but established, can transform/glow-up
Cons: Kind of dive-y. Bathrooms are YIKES (lmao)
Next steps: Victoria to e-mail Lee about benefits/interest before walk through.

Vendor Leads:

Catering: JPC Event Group, Bistro to Go

Rentals/Linens: All Occasions, maybe: Windswept or Eventioneers

Floral: GreenSinner, Community Floral Shop, Mt. Lebanon Floral (Heather can ask!)

DJ: Pittsburgh DJ Company, Andy Booth, Jeremy Ganss, TJ Harris

Photobooth: Expose

Will select other vendors based on venue/vibe!

Marketing/Promo: All digital, Victoria to create content.

Wish list: Pittsburgh Today Live segment.

WOW factors brainstorm
Balloon install (Von Walter & Funk)
Entertainment/circus people lol

Fundraising: Proceeds to benefit Beverly’s Birthdays. Ask guests to bring unwrapped birthday gift.


The Bash On Paper
You’ll receive a custom planning folder from me via Google Drive. This will be home to your master planning spreadsheet, timeline and all of vendor contact information. We will update this together, and it will keep us all on track as Dec. 5 gets closer!

Monthly Planning Meetings
One hour in person planning meetings! These can be coffee dates for talking through logistics and timeline, site visits at the venue, or meetings with other vendors. We can also do these via phone. Happy to join in for a few more this month to lock in our venue!

Vendor Matchmaking + Maintenance
After we finalize your overall vision, we’ll get to work building your Bash Dream Team. Once they’re in, I’ll keep them up to date on any news and decisions we make.


Four Weeks Out
In person meetup to review master schedule, add timeline details, & build final to-do list
E-introduction of Day of Pgh to all vendors

Two Weeks Out
Final walk through at venue with necessary vendors
Distribute final schedule & timeline to key vendors, family, & contacts

Week Of
Compile & communicate all vendor questions to client in one e-mail
Create master checklist of items
Day of Pgh on site the day before (or day of) to direct setup

Day of BASH

It’s here! Here’s the day of rundown:

  • 2 lead planners on site to direct the Bash for up to 12 hours

  • 1 assistant planner on site for up to 8 hours

  • 5-10 volunteers for up to 8 hours to assist as necessary


  • Check in with all vendors, manage their timeline throughout the day

  • Deliver breakfast/coffee to YOU (Can you write “Kind of a Big Deal” on the cup, please?)

  • Pick up miscellaneous items

  • Point person for emergency needs

  • Facilitate hair/makeup, photographer arrivals

  • Set up/place any decor or items

  • Confirm space is clean and organized

  • Manage volunteers and vendors

  • Light candles

  • Confirm photographer gets detail shots


  • Manage guest arrival and check-in

  • Keep flow of event on time and handle any hiccups

  • Work with DJ to coordinate remarks

  • Fetch the host (that’s YOU!) champagne/water/whiskey/vodka/whatever!

  • Pointperson for venue/vendor needs

  • I deleted all of the wedding-specific things I do…

  • …So yeah I’ll just run the event, duh!

  • Oversee event breakdown in accordance with the venue

  • Final sweep to collect any left behind personal items

Got all that?…Let’s do it!

Let me know if you have any questions or want to add anything! I’m pumped. Thank you again for this opportunity.