Why I Booked a Personal Branding Phootshoot


It’s almost May! I’m fully booked next month, and my delegation skills will be put to the test when I GET MARRIED in June, woohoo! After my 2018 season came to a close, I had a crazy few months trying to answer a huge question about my business:

Who is Day of Pittsburgh?

That question kept me up at night. I was trying to be so many things to impress way too many people. Multiple personalities ahead:

  • The Budget planner: Ready and willing to take on rigorous setup labor to help my DIY brides.

  • The Cool Girl planner: Answering non-emergent text messages at 10 p.m. from brides who blur the lines between friend and vendor. Boundaries much?

  • The Upscale planner: I lowkey started offering Full Scale planning services (the polar OPPOSITE of the ‘day of coordination’ niche I had carved for myself).

  • The One-Up planner: I started comparing myself to the other wedding planners I follow, and felt paralyzed to do anything but scroll their feeds and feel shitty about myself.

I redid my website using all of my Disco Styled Shoot photos. I raised my rate and restructured my packages. I stopped taking consults in person, offering phone chats instead. Then, something happened for the first time since launching:


Nothing happened. I was barely getting any inquiries. The couples who did inquire? They didn’t book! I was bugging. This time last year, I had *way* more weddings lined up. Why was this happening to me? I had over 30 testimonials from past clients. I updated my Instagram every day! I was doing everything right. Right?

WRONG. I was having an identity crisis, and confusing the hell out of prospective clients. I was no longer the cute, new planner whose rates were lower than others. I was no longer simply ‘day of’ wedding planning. All of my images were dark and disco…which I LOVED!



What I didn’t realized was that my styled shoot was for a fake wedding, not my brand. Not everyone is attracted to blood red walls and a black wedding cake. And to be honest? I am so much more than that shoot!

After not booking a single client for three months, I had to face reality: The new Day of Pittsburgh was not working.

That was super hard to admit, because Day of Pittsburgh is an extension of me. Not only did I feel rejected, but my defensive side was not ready to admit I made a mistake. There was no boss guiding me. I called every shot. When your business is not getting results, it’s no one’s fault but yours. And that suuuuuucks.

So I had three choices:

  1. Continue to deny that the changes I made weren’t vibing, and literally not be able to pay my bills.

  2. Beat myself up, close up shop, and start interviewing for real people jobs.

  3. Use this as an opportunity to finally answer this question: Who is Day of Pittsburgh?

Shrek Rules Everything Around Me.

Shrek Rules Everything Around Me.

Obviously, I’m not a quitter. Let’s figure out who Day of Pittsburgh is!

To help, I booked a personal branding Photoshoot with Elizabeth Craig Photography.

Stay tuned for Part II