Hotel Block Spotlight: The Westin!


The Westin and I go waaaay back, like from before I started wedding planning!

This hotel is very centrally located, very big, and very GOOD at what they do. While I haven’t coordinated a wedding here—yet!—-I have stayed overnight on many occasions, and have directed four 500-person black tie galas in their ballroom, so that definitely counts for something!

And guess what many of those 500 guests needed? A hotel room! Now that I’m thinking of it, The Westin was not only my first large event venue, it was the first time I ever managed a hotel room block! During those galas, their event staff treated me like I aim to treat clients. They were always on call if I needed anything, came through when I made some rookie mistakes, and just made me feel so supported and taken care of. I owe a lot of my success with those galas to them.

If you’re in need of a hotel room block, consider The Westin! Meet Kelly Taylor, their Sales Executive. She was cool enough to answer my questions about wedding blocks. Go Kelly!

Hi Kelly!

Hi Kelly!

What info do you need to reserve a block of rooms for a wedding?

The names of the couple, their wedding date, number of rooms they’d like to reserve, and the location of the ceremony/reception! Other questions we’ll ask:

  • Are you looking for a Bridal Suite/Ready Room?

  • Are you looking for a rehearsal dinner/ brunch location?

On average, how many rooms do your couples block off?
For our courtesy block, typically, we recommend couples to block off 10 rooms on the night before the wedding, and 20 night of the wedding. This can always alter based upon the amount of out of town guests they may have.

And how many of those get filled? Do you feel couples over estimate or under estimate?
I feel that 20 is a good number to start for most couples.

How far in advance do you suggest couples block rooms?
I recommend as soon as the couple chooses their venue, they also look for a hotel for a room block!

Does your hotel offer any special perks for couples who block rooms?

  • Courtesy Room Block

  • Special discounted room rate available from Thursday-Sunday

  • If 10 or more rooms are booked at the discounted group rate, the couple will receive complimentary upgrade to a King Suite!

  • Complimentary Amenity for the couple

  • Custom Event Web Page, so guests can book their room with ease

  • Marriott Reward Points

Do many wedding guests book online or call?
This would depend on the guest, We can setup a link to their ‘wedding block” and the couple can post this on their Wedding Website.

What’s the most common question you get from couples looking for a room block?

Many couples as what our parking options are, and the max number of guests rooms they can block!

Once you block off rooms, what are the next steps?
We will set up their Wedding Link, and then we put them in touch with our Event Coordinator to iron out any additional details that come up between the time of booking their wedding block and their big day!

If they’re doing welcome bags, what can couples do to make it easy for your team to distribute?
Our Event Coordinator will send the couple the rooming list of guests who have booked and the couple can mark down who gets what bag.

Any benefit many couples don’t take advantage of with hotel room blocks?
Each couple can receive Marriott Bonvoy Points for their blocks based upon the amount of rooms picked up!

To learn more about The Westin’s wedding blocks, email Kelly at