The Perks of Being a Wedding Planner

Not all heroes wear capes…some wear jumpsuits!

Not all heroes wear capes…some wear jumpsuits!

Being a wedding planner is hard sometimes.

I work like…every weekend. My weekday planning meetings are typically around dinner time. I have to buy the most hideous but functional shoes to last through the season. If something goes wrong, or there any conflict/issue on the wedding day, it is on YOU to fix it. But…for every pit, there’s a perk! Read on and then change your career.

Free flowers.
Before I started wedding planning, I kind of hated flowers, and felt nothing looking at them. Four years in, I had my one (and only!) ugly cry on my own wedding day when my bouquet was delivered.. Without fail, I get to take home a floral arrangement from the wedding, and it makes my home (and week!) a little brighter. In the off season, I find myself buying my own arrangements to complete my dining room.

Want to feel like a superhero? Be a wedding planner. Last Saturday, a distressed groomsmen asked me for tape, and was speechless when a roll of 3M was immediately produced from my bag. The maid of honor asked me for a comb to tease the bride’s hair before the ceremony, but I didn’t have one. My response? Use the comb ON THE VEIL. Again, no words. How did the mother of the bride’s purse appear on the dinner table, waiting for her after the grand entrance? MAGIC, yo!!! I’m preventative, so my reactions in the moment seem kind of psychic. Also: I’m a fuckin’ superhero.

Cookies for breakfast.
This perk tends to wear off later in the season, and if I eat one more buckeye in September, I will probably vomit. But! Every May, I am pumped for the cookie table leftovers! I pack a to-go box while cleaning up at the end of the night, and serve them to myself with coffee on Sunday morning while agressivly stalking the photographer for a sneak peek. It’s a fabulous life.

When a bride or groom says thank you, they mean it. That gratitude is so addicting, I will go to any length to get it. I love feeling valued and appreciated, and this job fufills me in a way I can’t explain. Brownie points for the random guest on the coffee line or in the bathroom who gives me a ‘good job!’ WORTH IT.

What’s on par with a bride or groom thanking me? A vendor. Coming through for them feels AMAZING. From getting an overheated photographer their first glass of water after portraits on a 90 degree day, to reminding the DJ how to pronounce your bridesmaid’s last name, or wrangling family members for an impromptu group photo, I got their backs!

Being the leader.
I cue the music. I fluff the gown, I call the shots. The show doesn’t start without me, and my confirmation that your vendors are ready to rock. I love being the leader, answering questions, and producing a wedding day from start to finish.

A super cool part about being the planner is the ability to work with all of the vendors that make up your wedding day. I get to meet your limo driver, check in on hair and makeup, and work closely with floral and catering during setup. Your photographer and I are keep tabs on so. many. things…while also making you laugh. I’m there to meet the bakery for your cake, and review the processional with the organist at your church. I’m BFFs with your DJ as the evenings gets going, and you know the venue coordinator and I are tight. Not all vendors get to see or meet each other when they work a wedding, and I take this for granted. I love it!

As you can tell from the above, delegation is hard for me, but necessary to be a better planner. Watching my assistants handle conflict, solve problems, and step up during a wedding fills me up with so much pride! Last month, I had an emergency situation pop up at the hotel, and my assistant directed the ceremony for me while I handled it. They’ll be running the entire show one day, and I can’t wait to cheer them on.

Vendor meals—and conversations!
Okay, okay, vendor meals are hit or miss—Lemont and Sheraton Station Square, I’m looking at you!—but for the most part, dinner is always yum! My favorite thing about vendor meals is the 20-30 mins the vendors and I get to sit (I love sitting), chat, and get to know each other. The vendors at some of my first weddings have become dear friends, and I always love learning about their business, and how I can help them on wedding days.

Am I missing any perks? Sound off below!