True Life: I Can't Meet on Weekends.

I’m bustlin’ on weekends, y’all.

I’m bustlin’ on weekends, y’all.

Dear future couples,

When you send me an inquiry, you literally make my day. Reading about your vision and vibe (and your favorite TV show! Mine? Euphoria. All day.) gets me super pumped, and I’ll reply back as soon as I can with more information about how Day of Pgh works. I typically end this email with: ‘Let me know if you want to meet up for coffee or schedule a phone chat to talk more!

Without fail, you’ll offer up a Saturday, and my heart sinks. My least favorite thing on this planet is having to tell people—especially potential clients—’No.’

I’m sorry to say that I can’t meet on weekends. Because those are when weddings happen.

Okay what about Friday?
Weddings happen on Fridays too, but usually those are rehearsal days. I direct those, and spend the hours before rehearsal answering e-mails from vendors, printing out the final production timeline, and texting back and forth with my brides and grooms. I also have to steam my jumpsuit!

Sunday it is!
Sorry y’all. I need one day to myself to recover (aka eat cookies for breakfast) before starting all over again on Monday. I also coach 3 hours of dance team practice at Duquesne every Sunday. AND! That’s the day Euphoria is on!!!

I used to meet for consults on Sundays, and sure…sometimes I’ll book a client planning meeting if I’m not working that weekend (Dear Emma: See you in 2 days, woohoo!)

But you know what? That’s not fair to you, future client! Because I won’t be ‘on.’ I won’t be my best self. My feet will be swollen, and my voice will be coarse. And my jumpsuit will smell!

Well sheesh, I didn’t realize that!
You’re right! How would you know? You probably work 9-5 p.m., or at a hospital or school, or maybe you live in Ohio, D.C., or California. No worries! We can find an evening that works for both of us, because you deserve my full attention. And I can’t give you that when I’m literally coordinating a wedding…like that day.

So while it might take a week or two to come up with a time that works best for us, I promise you we will find it. And then, when it’s your big day, you’ll get Day of Pittsburgh all to yourselves!

This started out as a cranky post, but halfway into writing it I realized I could help by tweaking my typical response to inquires. How does this sound?

“Let me know if you want to meet up to chat more! I am available for consults on weekday evenings, and am happy to do a coffee date during the day! Fridays-Sundays are reserved for my brides and grooms getting married that weekend.”

So far…so good!


Pssst…Hey you! Are you a wedding vendor?! I want to know your plan of attack for consults. Share you wisdom….please lol.