Boudoir Pics: Why???

Here’s something about me I never thought I’d open a blog post with: I used to hate my body! On January 1, 2015 my boyfriend (now husband) and I decided enough was enough. Over the course of two years, we slowly learned what it took to maintain a healthier day to day, and I lost 50 pounds. When I was near the end of my ~JoUrNeY~ (whatever the hell that meant), a older female acquaintance otherwise known as my boss said something I’ll never forget: Go get your photos taken!

The Perks of Being a Wedding Planner

Being a wedding planner is hard sometimes. I work like…every weekend. My weekday planning meetings are typically around dinner time. I have to buy the most hideous but functional shoes to last through the season. If something goes wrong, or there any conflict/issue on the wedding day, it is on YOU to fix it. But…for every pit, there’s a perk! Read on and then change your career.

True Life: I Can't Meet on Weekends.

Dear future couples,

When you send me an inquiry, you literally make my day. Reading about your vision and vibe (and your favorite TV show! Mine? Euphoria. All day.) gets me super pumped, and I’ll reply back as soon as I can with more information about how Day of Pgh works. I typically end this email with: ‘Let me know if you want to meet up for coffee or schedule a phone chat to talk more!